Upcoming Student Craft Market

The student sustainability leadership council is happy to announce our quarterly student craft market coming up Wednesday, November 19th from 11am to 3pm at the Native American Student Community Center.

To sign up to be a vendor please fill out this google form:


Questions/concerns/ideas can be directed to the Amanda (atripp@pdx.edu)


Earth Day Festival & Student Craft Market

SSLC is happy to announce our partnership with Environmental Club to host the Student Craft Market at the annual Earth Day Festival! 


Tuesday, April 22nd from 11am to 3pm in the PSU Park Blocks


Sign-up to be a student vendor here: 


Valentines Day Craft Fair

Treat your sweetheart to gifts with a conscious at the PSU Valentines Day Craft Fair Thursday, February 13th from 11am to 3pm in Smith Memorial Student Union (room 294). Local student artisan will be selling crafts, reused items, hand-made cards, jewelry, and goods of all kinds. Fair trade chocolate, coffee, and flowers are available by local vendors for purchase. Enjoy free coffee courtesy of the Local Roasting Co as your peruse the market. Your one stop shop for Valentines Day!

Are you a student artisan, vintage acquirer, or performer? Signup up to vend or perform here. Vending at the fair is totally *free*, table provided, and deadline to signup up is Monday, February 3rd.

Questions? Contact Amanda Johansson (atripp@pdx.edu).

Winter Student Flea Market

Want to bring back beautiful hand crafted gifts for your family this holiday season? Need to make a little extra income this winter? Looking for an opportunity to mingle with our talented and artistic student community?

Join us at the Winter Student Flea Market!

Wednesday, December 4th 11am to 3pm, Smith Memorial Student Union, 1st Floor (Parkway North) @ Portland State University Winter ’13 Flea Market

Enjoy student art, crafts, and reused goods at Portland State University’s Flea Market! Students from any school are welcome and it is absolutely free to be a vending artisan.

We are also seeking entertainers, performers, and musicians alike to entertain our wild crowd. Please fill out the form below to signup for a 30 minute performance time slot.

To signup as a student artisan or musician for our upcoming Winter Student Flea Market please fill out the following link: http://bit.ly/10dig6Q

Registration deadline is Friday, November 29th.

Questions or concerns contact SLCga@px.edu.

PSU Fall Flea/Crafts Market

We are glad to announce PSU’s fall student flea/crafts market will take place on September 25 from 11am to 3pm at the South Park Blocks.

Come enjoy and purchase student art, crafts, and reused goods. Students from any school are welcome! We encourage you to bring a blanket or table to display and sell your goods, while enjoying the company of other artists and craftspeople. Musicians also welcome!

  Student vendors and musicians may register online (for free) here: http://bit.ly/10dig6Q


Craft Vending 101

PDF: SSLC Vendor Resource Guide

One mission of the Student Sustainability Leadership Council is to help provide a Socially Sustainable environment for students on campus.  This often includes financial considerations.  The Craft Fair at PSU provides a forum for students to earn money while also promoting the values of repurposing materials often otherwise headed for a landfill.  The information below is presented to help familiarize you with some other off-campus selling opportunities.

Students can also earn money by selling hand-made crafts either at craft fairs, brick & mortar shops, or on line.  Selling reused and repurposed items helps to make this a greener world.  With the exception of Last Thursday on Alberta, the organizations and events mentioned below are for the expressed purpose of selling hand-made goods.  Hopefully this will be helpful to you.  Good luck selling!!!

Last Thursday on Alberta (Alberta St. btwn 15th & 30th):

Dates:  Events year round but 6:00-10:00 street closure to vehicle traffic only May through September.  (lastthursdayonalberta.com)

Set Up:  This is a good fair to get some selling experience.  There are only a few rules to setting up on Alberta, but they are strictly enforced by the Alberta Arts District.  You can set up and break down any time, first come first served.  Your booth can be as simple as a blanket or as elaborate as a 10’x10’ pop up canopy with lighting and music, it’s up to you.  Set up is free and good spots are usually gone by 2:00.  If you want to set up in front of a business, you must get their permission first.  Spoiler Alert!  Everyone will be drunk by 9:00!  Depending on what you are selling, this may not be a good thing.  Also, unless you have portable lighting, it will be very difficult to sell once it gets dark.  This is true of all outdoor events.  Walk around and see what other vendors are doing about lighting, they are usually very friendly with information.  You can sell pretty much anything here although the preference is for creative hand-made goods.

First Thursday – Pearl District (13th St. bwtn Hoyt & Lovejoy Sts.):

Dates: Every first Thursday from May through October.  Organized by the Urban Art Network (UAN) (urbanartnetwork.org).

Set Up:  This is a good fair once you get a little experience.  You can only sell things you make yourself and they must be pre-approved by the Urban Art Network.  Spaces are 10’x10’ and cost $40.00 (cash or check, no credit cards).  You may register on-line or bring samples to First Thursday for on site approval.  If you become an on-line member of UAN (free) then you have first choice of spots.  A sign up sheet goes out about 2:00 for people who want to register same-day stand-by (this is a good idea if you are concerned about the weather).  You must be set up by 5:00 and cannot breakdown before 10:00.  First Thursday is not a street party like Alberta, people go there to shop, most actually bring money unlike on Alberta.  Experienced dealers will have what’s called a “square” to accept credit cards.  You must have a Smart Phone or an I-pad to use it.  Speaking of money, make sure to bring loads of change.  This is a good fair to promote your on-line sales sights such as Etsy (etsy.com) if you have one.

Neighborhood Street Fairs (e.g., Belmont, Division-Clinton, Hawthorne, Mississippi, Kenton, etc.):

Dates: Vary, check with each organizing group (e.g., Google “Belmont street fair” and you will see how to get a vendor form).  Most street fairs require you sell only hand-made goods.

Set Up:  All street fairs vary with rules and set up times (e.g., 10:00 for a 12:00-5:00 show).  Street Fairs book up months in advance and usually cost about $75-100 for a 10”x10” spot.  Many require you to have a pop-up (available at stores like Fred Meyers for about $150, sometimes on craigslist.com for less).  Remember, like any business, you will have to invest in some equipment when you first start doing fancier shows.  Try to get lightweight tables and chairs.  Most fairs provide nothing.  Outdoor sales in the summer with no shade are miserable if you do not have a pop-up.  Food vendors are always at craft fairs if you do not want to take your own.

Portland Public School Craft Fairs:

 Dates: Vary, check with each school via PPS websites or calling direct.

Set Up:  These sales are surprisingly good for selling.  Most are indoors and occur near holidays.  Parents usually shop at these craft fairs because proceeds go to support the school.  Fees vary and you will probably need to agree to give a certain percentage of your sales (e.g., 20%) for fund raising.  Schools with more popular sales charge much more than others and book up sooner.  These sales are usually administered by parent volunteers and the organizational level may vary from year to year.  Most people that attend school craft fairs are there to buy, so do not overlook these sales.  Some of these sales book up months in advance.  You will need to surf the web and make a calendar of show dates and application deadlines.

Crafty Organization Shows:

There are many organizations in Portland that sponsor craft shows.  Some are very competitive and book up months in advance.  Contact each group to find out details.  Some provide calendars and will inform you regarding application periods.  Some hold multiple shows during the year. Fees will vary depending on the popularity of the show.  Some are very expensive.

Handmade NW – diyalert.com

Crafty Wonderland – craftywonderland.com

Crafty Underdog – thecraftyunderdog.com

Craftmaster – craftmasternews.com (many listing outside PDX)

Art in the Pearl – artinthepearl.com

Portland Saturday Market – portlandsaturdaymarket.com

Crafty Sales Web Sites:

For those who want to sell online, these are two of the most popular sites for selling and buying.  You will need to go to the site for details, but it is a small investment for national exposure.

Craftster – craftster.org

Etsy – etsy.com

Crafty Gift Shops:

There are too many crafty type gift shops in Portland to mention here.  If you sell to stores, be prepared to get half of what you would from a retail customer.  This is called wholesale.  Some stores will buy outright, some will want to sell on consignment. (That means you get paid when and if your item sells or it gets returned to you.  This is quite a common arrangement.  Different stores work with different splits e.g., 50-50, 60-40, 70-30).  You must work out a deal that suits you.  It can be difficult to establish a relationship with a store, but it can be rewarding.  You need to go to each store and determine if what you make fits the décor.  Do not sell to more than one store in the same neighborhood.

Certain stores such as the Friend’s of the Multnomah County Library Gift Shop in the Main Branch of the Library downtown only want specific themed items.  In this case, items with a “literary theme” or a “Portland theme.”  They sell items on consignment.  You will need to contact each store’s manager/buyer (usually the same person) directly (http://friends-library.org/store).

Crafty Promotion Groups:

In case building web sites and designing logos and doing marketing is not your thing, you can hire others to do it for you.  Check around for pricing.  You do not need to spend a ton of money to get a simple web site built!  Start simple and build it up later.  If you are attempting to get into craft shows as a vendor, it is a good idea to have a simple web site with photos of your wares.  Most of the better shows will ask for your web address.  They often assume that if you do not have a web site that you are not a serious crafts person.

One local group that is good for beginners is: LGA Creative (lgacreative.com).  It’s a Portland based group of single moms who can accommodate your promotional needs based on your budget.